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If you desire to achieve a goal, but lack the self control to do it, you need to implement a strategic approach. Let's say you want to lose weight, you just need to follow the right strategy.
First step - clean out the refrigerator and throw away anything you might want to eat in a moment of weakness.
Second step -write a check for a substantial amount of money to a Charity Foundation, seal it up in a stamped envelope, and give it to your best friend asking him to drop it in the mail if you break your diet. If you succeed your friend will return the money to you.

Egonomics Lab is the Social Network that will act as commitment device, helping you to achieve your goals. A network of friends that will act as referee and as supporters in achieving your goals.


Set your Goal it may be loosing weight, exercising more, quit smoking or anything you are not able to achieve easely.

Set the wager, it may be a reward or a penalty you agree to pay if you don't achieve your goal.

Make it social, involving other people in your commitment, they can be friends you know who may act as motivator or referee.

Egonomics Lab is an online service that allows you to set up a Commitment devicee, and back it up with money. You deposit $20, $50, $60 or $100, and if you achieve your goal, you get it back, but if you fall short of your goal, your money is sent to the designated recipient of your Commitment. There’s no requirement to wager money, but doing so provides extra motivation. It gives your goal extra stickiness.